Lancaster Bible School

LBS 2024: July 27th – August 2nd


Registration Forms:

LBS 2024 Teacher Registration Form (opens Spring 2024)

If you’ve served at LBS for two or more years, you can apply to be a Wisdom Walker: (opens Spring 2024)



Lancaster Bible School (LBS) is a week-long Vacation Bible School for kids ages 6-12 from Lancaster City, Pennsylvania. Each day of LBS, hundreds of kids are picked up in vans and buses and brought to a park in the city for a fun day of games, crafts, snack and Bible teaching.

The goal of LBS is to lift up the name of Jesus, and to sow the seeds of God’s Word to the kids and families of Lancaster City. We do this at LBS by showing God’s love to the kids who attend, teaching Bible lessons, having lots of fun interactions, and proclaiming the the truth of God’s Word. We’re excited to see all that God will do at LBS again this year!

The kids are split up into teams, with each team consisting of 2 teachers and 4-8 kids. As a “teacher” at LBS, you’ll be responsible for picking up and dropping off the kids at their homes in the city, and leading them through the daily activities. There are not many situations where you actually “teach”, but rather you love them by pouring your heart and energy into their lives! There are many stories of kids who have never forgotten the teachers who spent a week investing into their lives. God has an overwhelming love for the often abandoned and neglected kids of America, and LBS is a time of partnering with Him in loving the kids of Lancaster city and showing them the Father’s love.

If you wish to join us this year in showing the love of Jesus to these kids, please click the “Teacher Registration Form” link at the top of this page.



If you would like to partner with us in this work, which involves around 500 kids and 200 staff each summer, please join us in prayer and consider supporting the work financially. Donations can be made here. Way of Jesus Ministries is a volunteer-run organization, and the kids attend Bible School for free – thanks to the contributions of hundreds of individuals and the generosity of local businesses who donate goods and services.