Help Sponsor A Child

For LBS 2021, we are again giving you the opportunity to find prayer and financial sponsors for the kids that will be in your team. Each LBS Teacher team consists of 2 teachers and 4-8 children, so we’re encouraging each teacher to find at least 2-3 sponsors who are committed to praying for you and your kids during the week of LBS. These sponsors could be from your family, church, workplace, or friends.

Each $60 sponsorship will help to cover the cost for one child on your team to come to LBS. Rather than matching your sponsors with a specific child on your team, we’re encouraging you to send prayer requests about yourself and your entire team throughout the week.

As a reward for finding sponsors, if you bring 5 or more sponsorships to LBS, you’ll get this year’s LBS t-shirt and LBS water bottle for free! (This counts whether you get these five sponsorships from 1 sponsor or multiple sponsors).

We recommend that you print copies of the attached PDF file to give to those who are interested in supporting you by sponsoring the kids in your team. You can also save the PDF file and email it to someone.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. You can email us at

Help Sponsor A Child PDF