Summer Camp

Being a counselor at Camp Andrews is a unique experience. A time of really connecting with the kids, since you ‘live’ together in a cabin with them all week. The cabins are scattered throughout the woods, while the activities take place in different buildings and designated areas, all within walking distance. Activities include a climbing wall, nature class, zip-line, and pool time to name a few.

It is amazing to watch God work in the hearts of these campers during the week at camp while they are away from life as they normally know it. Encounters with toads hopping around at night, snakes slithering along the path, bunnies from the hutch, and catching crayfish in the creek, may very well be a first for them. Making new friends and learning how to work together as a cabin is a stretching experience for them as well.

Orientation for the staff is usually Sunday afternoon and evening at camp. The campers are picked up by staff on Monday morning and taken back home on Friday afternoon. Lancaster girls camp is usually the second full week of June, and boys week the third week.