Youth/teen Programs

Currently their are two programs that are for youth 13 years and older. Youth Connect happens 2-3 times per year, either in Lancaster City using big tents or in the winter time at Camp Andrews. There is usually a lot of basketball and other organized games along with teaching and prayer time. The staff have a speaker share 3-4 times in one weekend and then they do a lot of follow up both at Youth Connect and also afterward. Youth Connect is a joint effort by 3 ministries operating in Lancaster City.

Winter of 2016 brought a new opportunity to Lancaster City! Every Saturday night there is Saturday Night Live at 880 Hershey Ave. This is also a joint venture with other local ministries to reach out into the the streets and offer another place to spend the evening doing “positive” things off the street. They might play basketball, ping pong, card games or even video games  like bowling or football.