Tuesday Church

Tuesday Church exists to plant the seeds of God’s Word in the lives of children.


Every Tuesday evening for over 15 years the vans and buses drop off up to 150 children for Tuesday Church! The evening begins with a short interactive focus time and then it’s time for the games crew!!!!!! They play 3 interactive games with the children prior to the worship and teaching time. This gives the teacher a little time to connect with the children in their group before the teaching time.

The worship team will lead the children and staff in several songs then turn it over to the teaching team which will have about a 30 minute time of teaching. After that the children are dismissed from large group to have their small group time. Currently we have over 22 small groups that consist of up to 8 children and 2 staff members. They will spend about 15 minutes talking to them about what was taught that night and have a time of prayer and blessing over the children.

Through interaction,  the staff are sharing God’s love with them by showing them that God will heal their broken pieces and give them a reason for living. Together, we can glorify God and lead others to Jesus.